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Release date: 2018/10/23
Times installed: 79028
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QcalAgent allows you to centrally manage multiple calendars from various online services.

With QcalAgent you can easily manage your personal schedules, share calendars, and work with others to organize events, manage meetings, tasks, and to-do lists. All of the modifications made to your calendars are also tracked using snapshots, and calendars can be easily backed up.

Key Features

  • Consolidate multiple calendars
  • Scheduling for group organization
  • Qcontactz integration
  • Track changes with snapshots
  • Backup your calendar events

Consolidate multiple calendars

QcalAgent supports Google® and Outlook® calendars and can sync through CalDAV. You can centrally manage your personal and work schedules, and easily see what’s ahead.

Scheduling for group organization

Every NAS user has access to a QcalAgent calendar. Besides tracking personal events, you can share calendars with others to improve collaboration.

Share calenders

Share calendars with users or groups for team calendars (members of shared calendars must be QTS users).

Invite guests

You can invite guests to events using their email address. They will receive a notification with the event information.

Attach files

Attach files to events from your computer or NAS and share them with others.

Qcontactz integration

Qcontactz is a QNAP NAS app for centrally managing all your contact information. QcalAgent is fully integrated with Qcontactz to assist in quickly inviting guests based on their email addresses.

Track changes with snapshots

QcalAgent automatically records all of the changes made to your calendars using snapshots. From the multiple snapshot versions, you can quickly check the revision history and choose a specific calendar version to recover or export.


Back up calendar events

Selected backup tasks will be exported as .ics files and can be imported to another QNAP NAS. You can arrange scheduled backups to ensure your schedules are safe.