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Release date: 2018/08/31
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QVR Pro allows you to create an independent and expandable surveillance environment on your QNAP NAS. With the QVR Pro API, you can create an open event platform that integrates QVR Pro’s resources to build a surveillance solution tailored for your environment.

In the past, surveillance applications were just one of the many NAS applications. There was no dedicated storage for surveillance recordings and usually the system performance was limited, making it unsuitable to fulfill the requirements of professional surveillance systems. QVR Pro introduces the concept of "dedicated storage space" to ensure that the storage is fully reserved for QVR Pro and the system performance will not be impacted by other NAS applications.

QVR Pro Overview

  • QVR Pro is QNAP's next-generation surveillance solution.
  • QVR Center is the central management system for QVR Pro.
  • QVR Guard is the failover application for protecting QVR Pro.
  • QVR Pro Client is a cross-platform utility that provides single-interface live view and playback.
  • QVR Pro Client can connect to one QVR Pro server.
  • QVR Center can manage up to 128 QVR Pro servers.
  • QVR Pro Client can connect to QVR Center to see all the cameras of managed QVR Pro.
  • Every QVR Pro can be protected by a QVR Guard.

Open Event Platform

The API can connect QVR Pro with a wide range of IoT applications. These resources can be easily shared to make the surveillance system secure and more intelligent.

Dedicated Storage

QVR Pro has an independent operating environment from QTS, ensuring dedicated storage space, high-quality recordings, and no performance interference.

Expandable Storage Capacity

You can easily expand your storage capacity by connecting QNAP Expansion Enclosures to your NAS or by using QNAP’s VJBOD to use the unused storage of another QNAP NAS.

Powerful camera management and support

QVR Pro supports thousands of camera models from over 140 brands and a variety of image formats, allowing you to quickly build different surveillance solutions tailored to your environments while providing convenient camera management.

Flexible recording space management

Pre-allocate storage capacity and assign dedicated storage space for each camera’s recordings based on the camera's monitoring scope and importance. You can also set the maximum and minimum recording days for individual cameras and get a usage overview of all video recording spaces at a glance.

Specific privilege settings

QVR Pro provides detailed privilege settings, allowing for setting individual or group access privileges, providing suitability for environments of all sizes. In addition to the default roles (including Administrator, Supervisor and Viewer), you can create new roles and give customized access to view specific layouts and channels, and also the e-map.

Get premium functionality with QVR Pro Gold

QVR Pro Gold is a purchasable license that provides access to advanced QVR Pro features, including unlimited recording playback via QVR Pro Client, camera channel scalability, enhanced QVR Center central management over QVR Pro servers, and domain privilege management for Windows Active Directory and LDAP. QVR Pro Gold also adds 8 extra camera channels to your QVR Pro server, and users can activate additional QVR Pro Camera Channel Extension Licenses when QVR Pro Gold is activated. Without QVR Pro Gold, you can still access all previous recordings via File Station.