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QVPN Service
Release date: 2019/11/21
Times installed: 2170163
Current Version: 2.2.660

The QVPN Service integrates VPN Server, VPN Client and L2TP/IPSec VPN Services and can be used to create a VPN client that connects to a remote server or third-party provider to access content or services. In addition, you can even use your QNAP NAS as a VPN Server with PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec services.

VPN Service - affordable virtual private network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows secured access to network resources and services across public networks. It provides secure and encrypted connections for data transmission. Both home and business users can create affordable and secure virtual private network environments by selecting the QVPN services on the NAS (L2TP/IPSec. PPTP or OpenVPN) or on the client (L2TP/IPSec. PPTP or OpenVPN).

QVPN Server Services

By using the VPN service you (or your employees) can securely connect to servers or other shared resources at home or on your company's private network from anywhere. QVPN Services in QVPN provides account and connection management capabilities, supports remote user connections, and allows you to efficiently control VPN service access. Furthermore, a VPN can help you access resources that may otherwise be restricted by your network environment.

QVPN Client Services

You can also use your NAS as a VPN client to be connected to the QVPN Server on another NAS or other VPN Server. When using a download service (such as BT, eMule, Thunder), VPN connections can protect your privacy. You can also create a safe network channel for overseas support (for example: you can configure the NAS to be a VPN client for secure data transmission when setting up services to remote branch offices).

Supports multi-connection VPN Clients

A single VPN Client now supports multiple VPN connections to different QVPN Server Services. For example, a NAS can simultaneously tunnel to QVPN Server Services on both a business and a client site. This allows backups using Backup Station and also remote connections using Samba in File Station for secure data transmission.

Simultaneous QVPN Server Services and VPN client roles

A NAS can simultaneously serve as a QVPN Server Services and VPN client. This way, QVPN Server Services that are part of the NAS can be connected to different network interfaces according to NAS settings to access devices on the network and connect to the Internet. For example, you can configure the NAS to be a QVPN Server Services to allow secured access to Intranet resources from remote devices. You can also set up the NAS to connect with other QVPN Server Services for services such as Netflix and Hulu via HD Station, bypassing regional restrictions on these services.