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Photo Station
Release date: 2020/10/26
Times installed: 8942767
Current Version: 6.0.12

Photo Station features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to intuitively manage and browse photos.

Easily upload photos, create albums, change the display mode and share photos with your friends and family.


With Photo Station you can manage photos using virtual albums, categorize photos with tags, quickly share photos with friends and family, and much more.

Select the photos/videos that you want to categorize and add to albums. This will not create multiple versions of the same file, enabling you to create multiple albums without using excessive storage space.

Key Features

  •  Albums and Smart Albums: Select photos/videos to categorize and add to albums. Or create a Smart Album that automatically collects photos/videos that match specified criteria.

  • Sharing Files: Choose photos and easily share them with friends and family without to set up complex settings.

  • Slideshow: Add music and play a series of photos in a slideshow

  • Facial Recognition: Photo Station will scan media folders and recognize people in your photos (requires the Photo Station Extension). 

  • Albums and Smart Albums
    You can manually add photos to create an album or create Smart Albums according to set conditions. Photos that match these conditions will be automatically added to the Smart Album. You can easily convert folder structures and search results into Smart Albums

  • Sharing Files

    You can simply select the account that you want to share in the album settings, or by sharing the link, then you will be able to share photos to users without an account. Besides, you can also set up password protection and expiry dates to increase security. Also, you are allowed to directly upload photos or videos to Flickr, YouTube and other online communities.


  • Slideshow
    When playing photos in a Slideshow, you can add a special touch by playing music from Music Station along with the slideshow

  • Facial Recognition
    Photo Station will scan media folders and recognize people in your photos. Photos containing the same person will be collected into a group. You can also manually enter names and adjust the detection area around people's faces. (Requires the Photo Station Extension).