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Connect to Cloud Drive
Release date: 2018/09/18
Times installed: 836997
Current Version: 1.3.109

Connect to Cloud Drive allows you to remotely connect to cloud services in File Station.

File Station is the file manager for QNAP NAS and allows you to upload, download and manage NAS files using a web browser. You can also create remote connections with "Cloud service" and "Remote device network protocol", allowing you to manage all of your files across different servers and services.

In the past, you needed to log in to devices and cloud services individually to manage files. But now, just connect to remote devices and cloud spaces to manage all your files from a single interface through File Station.

Key Features

  • Remotely connect to cloud services.
  • Supports 8 cloud storage services.

  • Remotely connect to cloud services

    After installing Connect to Cloud Drive, you can easily carry out file management tasks such as copying and moving from cloud services to the NAS, or from NAS to cloud services by using the remote connection in File Station.

  • Supports 8 cloud storage services

    Including Google Drive™, Microsoft® OneDrive®, Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business, Dropbox®, Amazon® Drive, Yandex®, Box®, and HiDrive®.
    Limitations of your cloud service account may affect what files can be transferred. Check your cloud service account for more information.